Individual Coaching
We work one-on-one with veterans to identify and implement their job search goals. From military separation to vocation, we have tools and resources to help separating military and veterans of all levels of experience with the career transition process.

Training Sessions
Does your organization need training and organizational development resources to better support veterans in your employment life cycle? Anthology Consulting LLC works with organizations of all sizes to deliver the latest knowledge on engaging veterans in the civilian workforce. Our content is based on emerging research to give you the competitive edge.

Speaking Engagements
Our consultants are recognized as international experts in educating and researching on veterans transitioning to civilian employment. Let us deliver a high-impact, informative message to your next organizational event.

Subject Matter Experts
We are proud to provide our content and resources to organizational partners seeking expert information and services to support their work. Featured on

*We work with clients all over the world. Telephone or Skype meetings are always an option.

About Anthology Consulting LLC 

Anthology Consulting LLC

Promoting Sustainable Employment for Veterans

"Sarah is a proven leader in placement advisory services. As a key part of a dynamic team at Texas A&M, she has been ever vigilant in creating successful alignments between her clients' goals and capabilities with market opportunities. Veterans could not be luckier to have her as an advocate on their behalf."

What Do Our Clients Say About Anthology Consulting LLC?

"Sarah was one of my professors in college teaching a leadership development course to students in the Corps of Cadets. Now, she is a valuable resource for my new position as a staffing consultant in the IT industry. 

I first reached out to Sarah when I was contacted by a Colonel who was soon to retire and wanted advice and insight to the civilian IT industry. The civilian IT industry I was familiar with; a transitioning officer in the Army I was not. Sarah gave me great tips and advice to assist my Colonel contact. We discussed his situation. his skills, and his resume. She gave me great advice on how to advise his transition, update his resume so that it was legible for his civilian counterparts, and also offered her services for him directly if necessary. 

She is passionate about the work she does and very willing to assist in any way that she can, whether directly or indirectly. Her insight to veteran career transition is extremely valuable and becoming more-so as we see a growing amount of veterans re-entering the work force. Do get in touch with her if you ever need advice or tips on how to properly consult your veterans. We owe them that much."